Schulmädchen-Report Vol 4

Schulmädchen-Report Vol 4

Year: 1972

Duration: 86.5 min

Directed by: Ernst Hofbauer

Actors: Puppa Armbruster, Marina Blümel, Ulrike Butz

Language: German | English Soft Vob Subs

Country: West Germany

Also known as: Schoolgirl Report Part 4: What Drives Parents to Despair, Reportage gyro apo tis mathitries No 4, Thranio No 4: Sexomania anilikon koritsion, Barely Innocent, Campus Swingers, Sex Education

Description: Like the rest of these films this consists of a number of sexy vignettes supposedly based on what real-life German teenagers of the day were up to. In the first one, an attractive senior is flunking math. So what can she do to get her strict male teacher to give her a passing grade? Hmmm? In another vignette a creep guy disguises himself as a doctor so he can give "check-ups" to naive teenage girls home alone (which would never work in America where doctors don't make house-calls even if you call them). This gives one horny young couple an idea of how they can get together right under their parents' noses. Then there is a sensitive story of interracial relationships and gratuitous shower scenes. Finally the most controversial story has the aforementioned Crisina Lindberg playing a girl who's in love with her brother. Despite the appalling lack of taste here, Lindberg as always is the quintessential actress for these kind of films since she had the fresh, innocent face of an 18-year-old virgin and the voluptuous body of a burlesque era stripper.

I would recommend this for all the perverts out there, of course, especially as an alternative to wasting your money on more modern-day (and more morally dubious) "barely legal" porn. But movies like this will also certainly appeal to ANYONE who enjoys undraped females, as well as people like me who might watch sex films more ironically. Movies like this may have "driven parents to despair" in 1970's Germany, but they're sure a whole lot of fun today. ~IMDB
Schulmädchen-Report Vol 4
Schulmädchen-Report Vol 4
Schulmädchen-Report Vol 4
Schulmädchen-Report Vol 4

Schulmädchen-Report Vol 4

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